El Dorado Quest

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This is your chance to become a real treasure hunter! Join Bob and Jane on their captivating adventure into the Amazon. You will go step by step into the ancient Incan civilization to find the lost city of El Dorado. There will be stops in your journey where you must piece together forgotten artifacts from this bygone culture. Solve the puzzles of the jungle and guide Bob and Jane to the treasures of a powerful empire.

Game features:

Invigorating Incan art;
Appealing Match 3 puzzles;
Immersive soundtrack.
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I love to see relaxed levels in any game.

While scoring can be affected for timed games, I think having relaxed levels allows more people to play without needing to frequently stop the game. This is a nice and typical match 3 game, but it's enjoyable. Just wish it had a relaxed mode.
Wagashigrrl, 04.09.2016, 04:54
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the game just takes too long, the first bored me.

i just said it above. the first level takes a lot and its boring. i feel no prize at all by doing the level. its okayish but you can do better. wtf is with the „eu îs” at the end of the round? :)) its quite annoying too
Patronel Gigel, 03.09.2016, 22:36
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Make it widescreen

Make it available in 1366x768 and other 16:9 resolutions, instead of 4:3 1024x768
ABBA, 04.09.2016, 06:49